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Category: Software Framework

Description: Software framework for building applications/systems. This is usually a set of related - and sometime interdependent - software components which can be combined to form the foundations for an application.

Technologies in this category
Name Adoption Readiness Status Governance Business Form
Heliotrope Heliotrope is the codebase behind the Fulcrum publishing platform. It is a Rails application that extends the Hyrax front-end repository solution from the Samvera open source community to provide solutions for scholarly publishers. It is built by the University of Michigan Library and managed by the Library's publishing division, Michigan Publishing.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
Invenio Invenio is an open source project that was initially developed by CERN. The Invenio brand covers a suite of currently three main products developed by the Invenio community: 1) InvenioRDM - a repository/document management platform 2) InvenioILS - an integrated library system 3) Invenio Framework - a code library to build large-scale information systems such as InvenioRDM and InvenioILS
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Non-profit Organisation
ProseMirror ProseMirror is a JavaScript framework to develop visual text editors online. It can support collaborative editing in real time. It has a modular architecture that makes sure users only load the code they need, and can replace parts of the system as needed. ProseMirror supports extensible document schemas that allow users to edit documents with a custom structure without writing their own editor from scratch. It has a plugin system that allows users to easily enable additional functionality, and package their own extensions in a convenient format. Prosemirror is used by several major online news sources (NYTimes, Guardian), as well as inside tools like PubPub and Coko Foundation's Wax editor.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Individual Maintainer
PubSweet PubSweet is a foundational system developed by Coko as a "component-based framework" upon which to build publishing tools. PubSweet is a simple but flexible way to adapt to different kinds of system needs. For instance, both the book-oriented Editoria and the journal-oriented Libero Reviewer are built on PubSweet foundations. PubSweet's community includes Hindawi, eLife, Wormbase, Digital Science, and the EBI's Europe PMC Plus platform.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Readium Readium provides a "set of software building blocks" for the development of standardized EPUB and web publication reader applications for a variety of contexts—browser-based, mobile app, and desktop. Readium is a set of libraries and frameworks, and also a foundation and international community dedicated to ebook implementation standards.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Samvera Samvera is not one single software product; rather, it is a suite of components built and supported by the Samvera Community. In addition, Samvera draws on many more open source components, from the Blacklight discovery application, supported by an overlapping community, to Solr, maintained by the Apache Foundation and used widely and internationally across commerce, education and beyond. The aim of Samvera, as a community and software stack, is to work together to deliver common core repository functionality, in a way that can be flexibly applied to a range of use cases.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Solid Solid is a set of modular specifications, which build on, and extend the founding technology of the world wide web (HTTP, REST, HTML). They are 100% backwards compatible with the existing web. Each spec, taken in isolation, provides extra features to an existing system. However, when used in combination, they enable exciting new possibilities for web sites and applications.
Limited TR3 Actively Maintained Not Classified Commercial Vendor