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Technologies tagged with 'php'

Name Adoption Readiness Status Governance Business Form
Lodel Lodel is the journal publishing software for the French OpenEdition publishing platform. It provides content management and import/conversion to bring word processor documents into an XML-based article production environment.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
Mukurtu Mukurtu is a content management system developed by Washington State University to serve as a repository for Indigenous communities to manage, share, and exchange their digital heritage in culturally relevant and ethically minded ways.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
Open Journal Systems Open Journal Systems (OJS) is an open source software application for managing and publishing scholarly journals.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
Omeka Omeka is a web-based platform for creating and sharing digital collections and creating media-rich online exhibits. Initially developed at George Mason University and sustained by the Corporation for Digital Scholarship, Omeka has been primarily targeted towards libraries, museums, historical societies, and the like. Omeka enables institutions to publish collections and narrative exhibits to the web easily, but its publishing features, standards-based metadata, collection management, and authoring tools make it a publishing system more generally. Omeka S, a newer variant than Omeka Classic, supports multiple publications from a single installation, with a linked open data infrastructure.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Open Monograph Press Open Monograph Press (OMP) is a book-oriented workflow manager and online publishing platform. Developed by the Public Knowledge Project, it shares its codebase with Open Journal Systems. OMP can handle monographs and edited volumes with multiple authors, as well as manage author submissions, editor assignments, reviewers, indexers, and others in book production. OMP is one of very few open-source tools that produce the trade-industry standard ONIX metadata. Its public-facing side can feature thumbnail covers in a vatalog view, as well as Spotlight marketing features.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
Pressbooks Pressbooks is a web-based book editing and production system that exports in multiple formats: ebooks, webbooks, print-ready PDF, and various XML types. The system is built on top of Wordpress, but makes significant changes to the admin interface, presentation layer, and export routines to for web, ebook, and print formats. Pressbooks is widely used in the open textbook and open educational resouces community.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Commercial Vendor
Scalar Scalar is a multimedia authoring and publishing platform developed by the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture at University of Southern California. Scalar is designed for long-form, digital native scholarly research. Scalar enables users to assemble media from multiple sources and juxtapose them with text in a variety of ways with minimal technical expertise required. The platform also supports collaborative authoring workflows and reader commentary.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
OPERAS Metrics service Born out of the OPERAS project: European Research Infrastructure for the development of open scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities; OPERAS seeks to build functionality for research monographs in the European open-science infrastructure. This metrics project normalizes book identifiers (ISBNs, DOIs), provides modular "drivers" to gather various metrics (Google Analytics, JSTOR, COUNTER, etc.) and altmetrics (social media sources), and then aggregates these so publishers have access to usage and traffic data on ebooks. The usage data code has been developed by the UK-based Open Book Publishers. Altmetrics code has been developed by Ubiquity Press. NOTE: Formally HIRMEOS OA metrics, is now the OPERAS Metrics service. HIRMEOS was the name of a specific project, the metrics service is now a service of the OPERAS European research infrastructure.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Open Typesetting Stack Open Typesetting Stack (OTS) is an article conversion/ingest service developed by the Public Knowledge Project to convert word-processor and PDF versions of articles into JATS XML for publication. OTS integrates a host of other parsing and conversion tools (including the machine-learning tool Grobid) and external services to provide the most accurate possible XML without additional user input. This service "and its OJS plugin integration" is intended to decrease the labour involved in production, and to facilitate the creation of archive-friendly and web-native article formats. OTS is in maintenance mode as of this writing.
Limited TR9 Unsupported Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
Paperbuzz Paperbuzz is a tool that calculates metrics from Crossref Event Data: sharing, linking, and referencing articles online. Paperbuzz is developed and maintained by Our Research with the support of the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). Paperbuzz offers an API that is used by PaperbuzzViz, a JavaScript library to visualize the metrics and by the Paperbuzz OJS Plugin that brings these visualizations to OJS article pages, both of which are developed and maintained by PKP.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
SWORD SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit) is a lightweight protocol for depositing content from one location to another. SWORD is a profile of the Atom Publishing Protocol.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Not Classified