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Technologies tagged with 'python'

Name Adoption Readiness Status Governance Business Form
Fidus Writer Fidus Writer is a web-based, collaborative editor made for academics who need to use citations and/or formulas. Fidus Writer offers a visual editing interface, real-time editing collaboration, a commenting/review workflow system, and a variety of export formats. Fidus provides hosting and styled templates for a monthly fee.
Not Classified TR9 Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Commercial Vendor
OPERAS Metrics service Born out of the OPERAS project: European Research Infrastructure for the development of open scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities; OPERAS seeks to build functionality for research monographs in the European open-science infrastructure. This metrics project normalizes book identifiers (ISBNs, DOIs), provides modular "drivers" to gather various metrics (Google Analytics, JSTOR, COUNTER, etc.) and altmetrics (social media sources), and then aggregates these so publishers have access to usage and traffic data on ebooks. The usage data code has been developed by the UK-based Open Book Publishers. Altmetrics code has been developed by Ubiquity Press. NOTE: Formally HIRMEOS OA metrics, is now the OPERAS Metrics service. HIRMEOS was the name of a specific project, the metrics service is now a service of the OPERAS European research infrastructure.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Hypothesis Hypothesis is an open source web annotation tool.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Non-profit Organisation
Invenio Invenio is an open source project that was initially developed by CERN. The Invenio brand covers a suite of currently three main products developed by the Invenio community: 1) InvenioRDM - a repository/document management platform 2) InvenioILS - an integrated library system 3) Invenio Framework - a code library to build large-scale information systems such as InvenioRDM and InvenioILS
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Non-profit Organisation
Janeway Janeway is journal management software developed by the Birkbeck Centre for Technology and Publishing for the Open Library of Humanities (OLH) at Birkbeck, University of London. Janeway integrates Crossref, iThenticate, Portico, and CLOCKSS services to provide a full-featured OA journal publishing platform. Janeway is a Django-based web application.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
Jupyter Notebook Jupyter Notebook is a web-based notebook environment for interactive computing, part of the mutifacted Project Jupyter (formerly iPython) which seeks to provide an open platform and toolkit for interactive and reproducible computing. It is a browser-based application that facilitates creation and sharing of documents that contain live code (over 40 programming languages), equations, visualizations, and narrative text.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)
Rua Rua is a book publishing workflow management application developed by Ubiquity Press and is "designed to assist with the monograph publishing life cycle" from proposal to publication. Rua forms the core of the Ubiquity Book Manager service. Rua is designed around the Django framework.
Single TR3 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Commercial Vendor
Content Mine ContentMine is a suite of tools to extract raw data from tables and graphs for the purposes of facilitating data reuse and reanalysis and meta-analyses.
Not Classified TR9 Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Commercial Vendor
Stencila Stencila is an authoring and editorial development software developed by Code for Science & Society. It provides an integrated word processor, coding (R, Python, and SQL), and spreadsheet interface in the browser, and the resulting interactive document (using the same file format used by the Texture editor, with which Stencila shares code) is shareable and publishable. Stencila's "Converters" module is a Pandoc-based collection of import and export routines. eLife's "Reproducable Document Stack" initiative is based on Stencila.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Commercial Vendor
SWORD SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit) is a lightweight protocol for depositing content from one location to another. SWORD is a profile of the Atom Publishing Protocol.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Community (ad-hoc) Not Classified