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Technologies tagged with 'smarty'

Name Adoption Readiness Status Governance Business Form
Open Journal Systems Open Journal Systems (OJS) is an open source software application for managing and publishing scholarly journals.
Significant TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
Open Monograph Press Open Monograph Press (OMP) is a book-oriented workflow manager and online publishing platform. Developed by the Public Knowledge Project, it shares its codebase with Open Journal Systems. OMP can handle monographs and edited volumes with multiple authors, as well as manage author submissions, editor assignments, reviewers, indexers, and others in book production. OMP is one of very few open-source tools that produce the trade-industry standard ONIX metadata. Its public-facing side can feature thumbnail covers in a vatalog view, as well as Spotlight marketing features.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Community (formal) Fiscal Sponsorship (Academic Institution)
Paperbuzz Paperbuzz is a tool that calculates metrics from Crossref Event Data: sharing, linking, and referencing articles online. Paperbuzz is developed and maintained by Our Research with the support of the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). Paperbuzz offers an API that is used by PaperbuzzViz, a JavaScript library to visualize the metrics and by the Paperbuzz OJS Plugin that brings these visualizations to OJS article pages, both of which are developed and maintained by PKP.
Limited TR9 Actively Maintained Not Classified Fiscal Sponsorship (Non-profit Organisation)